Kim Sun Young Hair Salon New York is committed to the continuing education of our entire staff of colorists and stylists. Conferences, classes and seminars featuring the latest trends and technology guarantee our clientele the industry's most innovative service. Set in a non-corporate, relaxed environment in the heart of New York City; the SY Hair Cutting Lab consists of on-going educational classes for the salon professional, which will target technique, identity, inspiration and growth. Kimsunyoung is known throughout the industry for his exceptional technical and creative ability derived from many years in education. In the SY Hair Cutting Lab, She brings together the expertise of a handpicked group of individuals whose combined talents are responsible for shaping today's looks in various magazines, television shows and runway shows. Along with Kim Sun Young, we will share with you the latest in trends, techniques and salon business. Basic Cut:  Over 12 basic cuts and lectures. Basic Color: Basic color/shades as well as the maintenance of color. Intermediate:  This is on Contemporary which is the combined cutting styles of the Basic level. Advanced(Creative): Newest trends in cuts and color techniques.
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