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General Questions

How much do you charge for Thermal Reconditioning?

The cost is $400 and up. That includes haircut and a follow up conditioning treatment.

How long does the Thermal Reconditioning process take?

The average process takes about four to six hours.

Liscio Thermal Reconditioning

What is Liscio Thermal Reconditioning?

Liscio Thermal Reconditioning is a technique that originated in Japan to make curly, wavy or frizzy hair, straight. The process uses both chemicals and heat to soften the bonds of the hair, reforming the bonds in a straight pattern. The end result is not only perfectly straight hair, but a glossy, smooth, and silky finish that is more healthy than before the process!

How long is the process?

Approximately 4-5 hours. This depends on the condition and length of the hair.

What is the difference between digital, setting, and thermal wave perms?

These are different solutions and methods that are used to create a certain style of perm. Upon client consultation the stylist will recommend a perm that fits your hair type.

Why straight perm at Kim Sun Young Beauty Salon?

1. 10 years pioneering experience for Straight Perm / Magic Perm / Rebonding Perm.

2. Japanese style Thermal Reconditioning (not chemical relaxers) for no damage on highlighted or colored hair.

3. Using best quality solutions imported from Japan such as iStraight, and PaiStraight.

We use iStraight System and Pizzy System (Thermal Reconditioning), permanent hair straighteners that utilizes 2 strengths of solutions to meet the need of each individuals hair texture, curl type, and condition. The formulas are cream based for easy application and deep penetration while providing the best solution to hair straightening for your hair with virgin, tinted, highlighted, bleached and even pre-relaxed hair.

The I Straight formulas utilizes negative ions on the relaxing (no.1) and positive ions when neutralizing (no.2) to keep the hair healthy and vibrant compared to the other relaxers. The Systems ingredients include Ceramide, a natural resource that is a part of your intercellular bonds to keep your hair healthy from the inside out and keeps your cuticles from being damaged.

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