Hair Clinic


Apply Cleansing Oil directly on the dry scalp as shown in the diagrams to the right. Holding the head between both hands, move you hands in a circular motion as you tilt the face upward to distribute the Cleansing Oil all over the scalp.

  • Massage 

Massage the scalp with your finger tips in a small circular motion from above the ears to the top. Then, continue massaging the scalp from 1 through 4 on the diagram to the right.

  • Emulsify followed by cleansing shampoo 

Emulsify the oil with Cleansing Shampoo and rinse. Shampoo the hair and the scalp with Cleansing Shampoo to remove the oil and dirt completely

  • Moisturize

Apply Moisture Treatment on the scalp and the hair. Place your thumbs on the center just inside the hairline and move down while pressuring as shown in the diagram to the right. Then, rinse.

  • Nourish

Apply Hair Nourishment as shown in the diagram to the right. Holding the head between both hands, massage the whole head in a large circular motion.

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